The Opportunity

This is an exciting opportunity to engage early with America’s first professional Rugby League team - New York City Rugby League (NYCRL).

We feel that the sport is on the cusp of change after the huge success of the World Cup in Australia last year in 2017 - Many of the teams within Super League are now attempting to showcase the sport on the international stage.

Based in bustling, vibrant New York City, we hope that NYCRL will become a brand new team to be affiliated to the Rugby Football League (RFL).

Both NYCRL and the RFL have a strong desire to develop a North American strategy to take the sport to a wider audience.

NYC is undoubtedly a bucket-list tourist destination for many of us, a vibrant city with lots of appeal.

For the supporters for RFL affiliated teams, this is an exciting adventure - an opportunity to travel across the Atlantic to cheer their beloved teams through a thrilling game which is set in the alluring and iconic landscape of New York.

For the home crowd in New York, this is an interesting opportunity to support an alternative, high octane, full contact sport outside of the NFL season. 

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